Friday, April 2, 2010

Dropping in real quick...

Ugh. I'm *still* sick. Two weeks of ear infection, two different antibiotics, two visits to the doctor... yuck! Sorry this is going to be such a short post, but I'm off to bed as soon as I've finished here.
Haven't been making too much the last few days, but I do have something interesting. :) Remember the wood flower from my last post? This time I used the wood as a background - you can see it much more clearly this way.
Looks like wood burning, doesn't it? A long time ago my Grandpa V. used to do wood burning. He could make the most intricate (and beautiful) patterns and pictures. There are other fond (and funny!) memories associated with his wood burning hobby, and this card brings them all to the front of my mind!
Once again I used the birch wood panel. I stamped the flourishes (Inkadinkado) with Brilliance Coffee Bean ink, let dry and went over parts of it with a Uniball Signo pen (yes, technically this is the bandanna technique too!). The bird was from an entirely different experiment - it was stamped with Coffee Bean on kraft paper, colored with pencils and coated with Distress Crackle paint. The sentiment came from the Love Hurts plate at Non Sequitur.
Thanks for dropping by!

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lauren said...

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! how did i MISS THIS??!??!??! arrrgh. i am beyond help sometimes!!!

but still it means *I* get a mari blog post on a day when everyone else is caught up and jonesin', lol! :) (HOORAY!)

i loooooove the stamping on totally looks like wood burning and i was just getting ready to FLIP if you were gonna make me learn *THAT*, lol!!! very VERRRRRRRY clever to have bandana-ed OVER the stamping with the white pen. i am starting to see that whereas i always tend to do thin black outlining to emphasize stamping on a card, the small additions of white highlights can be equally...or MORE...effective!!!

also, the *BLUE* card base here is totally fabulous! i'd've gone with black or white or brown and missed the opportunity to have that sweet bird POP right off the page! you are still THE QUEEN, missus!!! ♥♥♥