Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done...

My darling friend Lauren sent me some ultra fun papers to use for stamping stuff. Mostly old book pages, but a few other interesting things (like comics in spanish!). Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I have *never* torn book pages before. I'm a bibliophile - can't help it. Books are to be loved and respected. I thought I might have a heart attack when I heard the first quiet rrrriiiipppp! (and it doesn't help that dh was making fun of me at the time, asking if I needed help with my book burning!)
Then I got into a whole 'nother realm of difficult. After tearing, gluing and gessoing I had a piece of neat looking paper - but no idea of what to do with it! Finally I settled on this:
which is not at all like something I would usually make! It's a bit wonky (on purpose, I swear!) and kinda busy for me - but I like it.
The Hero Arts grass stamp was inked with Ranger's archival brown color and stamped on a piece of my collage paper. I used several colors of Distress Inks to add color to the piece - but then cut most of them off when I decided to cut it into a circle. More of my collage paper was covered with an orangey-brown color of mulberry paper, then glued down with mod podge and a touch of reinker. The background card was rubbed with a gold mica magic reinker, which I also used to edge the strips. Although you can't tell from the picture, there is a lot of glimmer and shine going on!
As the final touch I added one of Tim Holtz's epoxy stickers (also glued down to collage paper) as a dangling charm from the embroidery floss.
All I can say is - this *really* stretched my comfort zone! And Lauren, you better be proud of me! :D
Thanks for dropping by!

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lauren said...

awwww MANNNNNNNNNNNNNN! ok, first off i cannot believe it's taken me SO FLIPPIN' LONG to get here and see this! and of course the punishment is that i missed seeing THE MOST AWESOME CARD IN THE UNIVERSE for way too long!

where do i even start??!?! ok, WOW--you DID IT!!!!!! (& bonus ninja points for doin' it whilst mr. not-very-nice was mockin' ya!!!) (i'd've folded under peer pressure, i am sure!)

and then MEGA-WOW--it's a truly ♥BEEEAUTIFUL♥ card!!! (i'm positive my first several thousand attempts at "vintage" were emphatically NOT cool cards in any way!!!)

and then the very BEST PART is i LOVE (♥♥♥♥♥!) that you've made this a very VERY mari-style, inky, stampy, blendy card, that is absolutely *YOU* and yet incorporates the new (old) stuff so wonderfully well!

...did i already say, "WOW!!!"??!?!?! too many times... :) :) :) (ok, well, too bad!) ♥♥♥