Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I got the most awesome card, EVAH!

I desperately wanted to send my friend Lauren some sticky back canvas - she needed it! - and there is just no way I could send an envelope all that way with just one thing in it. So, I sent her this card that was made with (what else?) sticky back canvas! :)
The canvas has proved surprisingly easy to work with, although I'm going to have to work on getting a straight cut. ;) The flower was a stencil (how long have I had that, I wonder??) that I pulled out of deep storage. I painted it with a combination of Distress reinkers, calligraphy ink (for a richer, deeper red) and some smooch inks. Although you can't tell from the angle of this picture, when I stuck the canvas down I stuffed some cotton under the flower to give it dimension. IRL it looks pillowy! :) I hand stitched around the edges (I also need to work on those skills!) with black floss on a piece of thick white c/s which was then attached to the base. I also stamped some subtle flowers on the black background (they were stamped with versamark). All it needed after that was a thin edge of gold and a piece of ribbon.

Yesterday, I received a surprise package from the lovely Lauren ... and I got the phenomenal card she made with the canvas lotus that I sent her in the 'canvas' package! Woo hoo! :D (isn't it seriously gorgeous? I placed it front and center on the wall in front of where I create - so inspiring!)
I admit, we send each other goodies quite frequently but she really went ALL OUT this time! An amazing stash of paper goodies, sticker goodies, some grunge, and the card: which really, is to DIE for! Thank you, thank you ever so much sweet Lauren! (and even though DH is giving me the stink eye - I'm working on a return!)
Thanks for dropping by... (and drop by over at Lauren's place, I promise you won't be disappointed!)

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lauren said...

ooooooooooh!!! hello! i am glad you liked your card...i just thought that lotus needed to come back and live at your house...seeing as it was the absolutely PERFECT THING for that torso and arrived *EXACTLY* when i needed it!!! :)

i have to say that as lovely as the pic of your card is...it's not a PATCH on the real life dimension, texture, and FABULOUSITY that the actual card has!!!

i am having a BLAST stamping and painting on my canvas (of course i have not used it on an accordion book yet, which was the point, but you've totally got me INTO the stuff so i will open my package quite soon and make something properly i SWEAR!!!)

(ps: how much do you love those vintage bird & butterfly stickers?! i found them in a box of postcards i bought at a garage sale...had no idea they were even in there and i actually love them MORE than the pc's as it turns out!!! i just KNEW you'd appreciate those, so i am thrilled to share them!) (i think "stickers" is probably a misnomer by now...i suspect their stickiness ceased to be...but hey we've got gluestick!!!) ♥♥♥