Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My (oh so) lovely Katzelkraft tree!

Today I thought I might show you 2 versions of a card that I made. Yes, I made two of the same(ish) thing. I made the first one (on the blue background) and had to, *ahem*, adjust it a tad. (Many thanks to the girls in my Yahoo group for their excellent suggestions!) There were some things that I didn't like very much, so I thought I'd remake it - fixing the things that I didn't like. Hmmm, neither is exactly what I wanted! You can't really tell from the pics but both backgrounds were made with Adirondack inks just slapped on paper & brayered until it looked OK. Then I went in and sprayed Glimmer Mist over the top & brayered again. You can't really see the shine, but trust me, it's there.

So, number one.... I didn't get the best image when I stamped (operator error!) and I didn't feel confident enough to use the Stamp A Ma Jig to realign the stamp. Instead I went over the tree with a black Glaze pen. Once it dried I realized that I didn't like it! The black was just too black and shiny, KWIM? It made the ribbon look off, although it looks better in a pic than in person. The dimension of the glaze pen didn't do it for me either. I really liked the sentiment stamp, it seemed like a great choice for this gorgeous tree. But again, it wasn't perfect - I should've centered it better.

Then, number two.... I didn't get as much blue in this background which made it look bad on the blue cardstock. *sigh* I finally found some nice cardstock for the base (and my image looked great) but then I had to go and change the sentiment. D'oh!

In the end I guess I like them both, but if I could just take the best parts of each to make one card.... Oh well, guess you can't have everything! I did learn one important thing from this experiment. I honestly didn't like the backgrounds when I made them. It was just an experiment to get color on paper (for a trial run) and make it shiny with the Glimmer Mist. Strangely, the first attempt looked much better than the second, probably because I was over thinking the process. After it was allowed to dry, and I was able to choose the best looking piece to stamp on, I was amazed at how much I liked the result. Lesson: let it dry and stamp on it before tossing it! :)
Thanks for visiting, hope you come back soon to see another version of this lovely tree!

Recipe: Tree by Katzelkraft, Woods by PSX, Heart by Stamp Oasis, Adirondack ink in Currant, Denim & Eggplant, satin & velvet ribbon, Pearl Glimmer Mist, Black Glaze pen, Gelly Roll pen in white, Gelly roll glitter pen, piercer & (home made) template


Katzele (Bea from France) said...

I'm unable to understand what you don't like in this cards ??? They are gorgeous !

Margaret said...

I really like them both. Very lovely.

But I do understand the dissatisfaction of the artist!!! Been there, myself.

Kathie McGuire said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my eye says "BEAUTIFUL!!". Love them both. Nice job and thanks for sharing!!

Kathie McGuire