Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You should always remember your first...

award, that is! Well, what did you think I was talking about? :D

The lovely Etha is the very first person to give me one of the ubiquitous blog awards. Made me squeal like a schoolgirl! Thank you Etha, I'm very flattered. Go check out her blog (I especially like the colors of the new pears post). Of course there are rules:

1. Post the award’s logo on your blog

2. Add the link to the person who nominated you

3. Nominate at least 6 others & post their links.

Well, that should be easy enough. Hmm, only 6 blogs.... I'm going to try to list blogs that I adore that maybe some people haven't experienced, let's see how well I do!

1. Mel who does some of the coolest things with gesso (and is my favorite stampire!)

2.Kristy who works some serious mojo with a paint brush

3.Lauren whose Monsta's and sense of humor send me rolling

4.Bea whose stamps are divine - plus she is one of most amazingly nice people!

5.Dana who did the most scientific study of black ink, evah!

6.and finally, Cakewrecks! While not a crafty/stamping/painting blog, it *is* one of the most hysterical things I've ever seen. I have no idea how she thought this up, but I LOVE it!

Here is the award:

which I think is quite pretty. The only problem is that it makes me want to (ahem) correct the grammar, or verb tense, or subject/verb agreement... Meh. Just one of those picky things about me (that you wish you didn't know)!

I'll be back in a moment with an actual card! :)


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Thank You SO much! You are such an angel, and your writing is so enthralling. Crack me up! I hear you about the grammar. It gives me an itchy photoshop finger. hehehe. :O) hugs, mel

lauren said...


ok first...i am MOST grateful for the award and i thank you kindly, ma'am!

but second...yeah...i was mentally correcting the grammar also... :) ...perhaps we should imagine this award having a sexy european accent...not unlike javier bardem...??!? (just a thought!)

and third: ~MEH~ is totally one of "my words" lately!!! too funny!