Monday, June 28, 2010

Another TJ techie

Holy moly! Stop the presses! I believe I've actually been well for almost a week! :D Funny how you take it for granted when you feel well, but when you have a rough winter/spring it means *so much* to feel healthy. It sure does feel good to be at 100%!
Since I've felt better I've been diving into some of the TJ techniques - some for challenges, others just for fun. This particular one is an older technique called Stenciled Collage. I had never tried it before, but it was enough fun that I'll be doing it again!
Generally speaking you use a stencil and white ink over a background piece (mine happens to be a piece that I covered with glimmer mist, starburst stain & distress ink with perfect pearls) then stamp in a similar color as the background (Majestic Blue VersaFine in this case). I was very pleased with how well the stamped portion came out - but I'm not in love with the card. I'm not exactly sure what, but something is missing. Perhaps it's the fiber? Dunno. You can get the idea of how the color/glimmer went in streaks across the paper (my own idea, even!) *and* you can see some of the glimmer from the VersaMark Frost I rubbed on the raised portion of the background paper. The light was *perfect* for taking this picture! :D
Anyway, thanks for dropping by! Hopefully I'll get good sunlight tomorrow & will be able to post the second version with this stamp (but not the same technique!).

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lauren said...

OoooOoooOoooH!!! awesome card ahoy!!! (ok sorry, no more sailor speak even i find that obnoxious and it's *ME* doin' it!) :)

WOW!!! ok, i ♥LOVE♥ this...i would love it just with the glimmer misty b/g and that fun stamp but then the white stencilley bits are REALLY cool...and i LOOoOoOOOOooooVE the fibers to look like an anchor chain, that is spectacular!!!

i really don't think ANYTHING is missing and assume this is one of those "i'm disappointed cause it doesn't look like the picture IN MY HEAD" moments! (i get those A LOT, actually!) the only thing i can possibly posssssssibly even IMAGINE adding is MAYBE... (& that's a BIIIIIG MAYBE!) ...mayyyyyybe a very VERY skinny (like 1/16th inch) white or off white mat under the stamped piece...that would tie the fiber and the white bit of stamping together more solidly. again, i am NOT CONVINCED it needs it, and also, since you are rather brilliant on the subject of mats i assume you thought of that and it WASN'T the thing!!! :)

ps: three cheers (or THREE MILLION!!!) for health that is take-for-granted-able!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥