Monday, May 31, 2010

A labor of love

So, I don't know about you, but there are times that my mojo just goes on vacation without telling me first. This is one of those times! Urgh!
Anyway, thankfully I have several different cards ready to post. This card was made using instructions from the Technique Junkies newsletter. It was actually a very involved process, perhaps what you'd call a labor of love? :)
Using metal tape from the hardware store (which was not part of the TJ instructions, but it *was* what I had on hand). If you look very closely you can see the ends of the tape butted together - it just doesn't come in a large enough size - so I had to lay three pieces on a piece of cardstock to give it some stability. I ran that piece through the 'Bug with one embossing folder, sanded the embossed design then flattened it. Finally I ran it through with a second embossing folder. The background was colored with alcohol inks and the leaves and branches were colored with copics.
While it doesn't sound like a lot of work when I write it down, trust me when I say that this was not a quick project! Because the metal is so eye-catching I decided to keep it as uncluttered as possible - even refusing to add a sentiment! :)
Thanks for dropping by... oh, and if you see my mojo will you tell it to call home? Thanks! :D


Etha said...

That is a terrific card! love the green with the metal structure!!
Oh man I had a mojo day like that yesterday. Was all in good spirits, even cleaned up some crap in the craft room, desk all ready to go and my mind just says: yeah? so? now what?
I walked right back out!!
maybe today will be different ;)

lauren said...

wow♥WOW♥wow!!! ok, i am completely prepared to believe that this was a BOATLOAD of time and effort but BOY HOWDY it is worth it b/c you can totally TOTALLY see the results and they are ♥GORGEOUS♥!!! seriously, this is more like a piece of metal sculpture than a mere greeting card! (...i wonder if jeff has any metal tape in the garage...hmmmmmmmm...) :)