Friday, March 19, 2010


So you won't believe it. Two days ago it was 60 degrees, yesterday it was in the fifties... look what today brought:

Ugh is right! I think it's about 4 or 5 inches in less than twelve hours. What you can't see is that it's still snowing - and there's a wicked wind blowing really hard too. I thought we were past this point already. *sigh* No wonder I'm sick (again, still?). No wonder everyone seems to be sick! There was a pink eye epidemic in town (yes, our house got hit too) that was so bad that all the pharmacies in town were out of medication. ALL of them!
Ok, now that I've gotten all my boo hooing out... how 'bout something pretty? Something that says warm, springy weather! Yup, that makes a much better picture.
I started this card with a panel of watercolor paper. I used black archival ink from Ranger to stamp the Hero Arts image. Once it was dry I used a water brush and various Distress Inks to color it. A couple of things you can't really see in the photo: all three yellow coins (?) were colored and then covered with Glossy Accents to give them shine and dimension and the butterfly was cut out from a second piece of paper, colored and then had GA applied to the *underside* of the wings. This allowed the GA to dry like usual so that when I glued it on to the panel the wings had clear 'pop dots' underneath. This is a great technique if you just want a little bit of height, height with an angle or height that will support the entire surface. The wings on this butterfly will never be crushed by the post office. Ha ha! (boy am I tempting fate or what?)
The background papers are from a GCD Designs paper pack and the bamboo leaves are from Inkadinkado. Once everything was matted and stuck down I did a little faux stitching using a black pen with a very skinny tip.
I just want to go curl up in that picture....
Hope it's better where ever you are!
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stamps&cars said...

So pretty...

So............don't tell anyone I told you but my optometrist, who is close with the profs at the optometry school told me that you can put Neosporin right into your eye, even though it says not to on the container. I tried it and it feels goopy but seemed to work for us. Good to know in a pinch.

lauren said...

OOF! what a bummer to have the winter YUCK back just when we thought/hoped it was *over*!!! (having said that, PLLLEEEEEEEEEEASE just *keep* that crap out there in the mountains & offa the east coast, k?!) :)

on the other hand, said card is indeed a little breath of spring & surely bound to thaw the snow & ice in no time! your "watercoloring" technique is AWESOME (naturally) & i love the bits with the GA... (hehehe--i know what that IS now!) ...excellent tip about putting it UNDER something like a butterfly's wings rather than my usual foam tape shenanigans...definitely gonna try that! ♥♥♥

ps: i think i am watching TOO MANY timvids--i had a dream about distress inks last night!!! :) :) :)

Beate said...

Gorgeous card!
Hugs and smiles