Friday, February 5, 2010

Something entirely different!

So today I thought I'd give you a little glimpse into another part of my crafty life. And my personal life. :)
Last week was a little crazy around here. Dh & I had our 8th (eighth?!) anniversary. Unfortunately, our little boy was very, very sick for a few days. Not how I ever anticipated celebrating any occasion, let alone our wedding anniversary! We did finally get to go out for dinner later in the week, sushi followed by a stop at our favorite coffee shop. Aren't we just the party people? *lol*
I did manage to make us a totally decadent cake. I found the recipe on All Recipes (you can find it here) and adjusted it a little bit for our tastes. There is an *awesome* spice shop nearby in Boulder called Savory. They carry this amazingly dark cocoa powder called Black Onyx that I added to the recipe (at the end with a little milk) - which it why this cake is so dark. Yum! I left the chocolate chips out of the cake because I wanted to frost it with the German Chocolate Cake Frosting (dh's favorite). I've made this frosting a couple of times - don't overcook it (sorry Debs!) or it will turn into a solid lump on top of your cake. :(

So, now comes the 'crafty' part! I know I've posted before about trying to learn PSE and digiscrapping. This time I'll show you what I've managed to do! Everything here was a freebie that I downloaded off the web - even the template. I don't think it's completely done - I wanted to add some journaling, but the template didn't have a space for it and I'm not sure exactly where to put it yet. As you can see, he's still a funny man (even after so many years of marriage!) but is also a great father and wonderful person. Of course, he may not be particularly pleased when he sees this - but it might make for another great picture that I can use in a future page. ;)
Thanks for stopping by!

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lauren said...

oooh ♥HAPPY♥ANNIVERSARY♥ to you and your lovely man!!! (8 years?!'re still NEWLYWEDS!!!)

and just LOOKIT you, missus! gone all digi with your mad scrappy cyber (& freebie-snaggin') skillz!!! lovely LO! ♥♥♥

i think short journaling would be FABULOUS on those tan paper strips! or, for longer text, you could pop a little rectangular journaling card right under the title--maybe with "the one" slightly overhanging it?--and use a nice little typewriter font!) having said all doesn't NEED journaling unless you want to do the writing; i mean, it totally LOOKS done!!! :)