Sunday, January 31, 2010

A little Joseph's Coat

Don't you love Joseph's Coat? Honestly, I think it's my favorite technique of all time. Just the thrill of the 'reveal' - it really comes together with that final layer of black! :)
I'm not sure if you can see the occasional spritzes of white in the background of the Joseph's pieces. Originally it was a piece that I colored with cotton balls & chalk ink then tried some gesso techniques on. I didn't end up using this section on anything then, but I loved the colors - especially for this!
I believe this is a fairly new stamp from Hampton Art, but if you're looking for it at Michaels you need to look for a much larger rectangle. I used circle punches to get different sized pieces of the stamped piece once it was coated with ep.
The bird was given a little extra sparkle with a black Spica marker from Copic. I also used a little Pine Needles Distress Ink on the background piece since the original paper was a little too light (and yellow!). Otherwise, it's all pretty self evident.
Thanks for stopping by! :)


Wanda H said...

Fabulous card!!!

Von said...

Oh wonderful card just love it :)

KAT said...

Mari - love this card - the circles against the back background really pop!

Jill said...

This card is so striking! LOVE it!

lauren said...

ok, now i have to go look up the term "josephs coat" cause i have NO IDEA how you did that but it's SOOOOOOOO flippin' awesome!

hey, i was a-thinkin' of you the other day when i was doing some spray inking practice with a tim mask and everything! (i mean that i used one of his little plastic flourishes to cover my paper, not that i was DRESSED UP as tim holtz...tho if it made me a littler "techniquier" i'd totally TRY IT!!!) anyway, the whole time i was playing & inking & stamping i was thinking, "i have to tell mari this!!!"

ok, so a bit off topic but you DID mention gesso: HOW do you do it with a spray bottle?! b/c i would get like 3 GORGEOUS sprays of lovely opaque white dots...and then spend 30 minutes cleaning my clogged sprayer pump there a trick or is my gesso just not thinned out enough??