Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mounting my new rubber

It's been a couple of days since I posted, can't believe time went so fast! I'm battling a *nasty* cold. Somehow mom ALWAYS gets whatever illness the little boy brings home - times 3! I promise there will be more eye candy next post, but for this one I thought I'd give you a peek at my lovely Katzelkraft rubber and how I mount them on EZ Mount. I would like to note that I've only used EZM & storage panels from Sunday International - they stand behind their product 100%, something I find very important. If you're a visual learner there is a great video on YouTube that gives you step by step hot knife instructions.

Here are a couple shots of my new rubber... can you see how deeply etched the images are??

Here are some shots of what my mounting process looks like:

First I pull out the glass sheet - it's from an old picture frame so it's very big. Then I strip the cling protection off the EZ Mount & lay it on the glass - this way it won't wiggle while I'm working. I lay out all my trimmed rubber on the glue side of the EZM - and I use (or keep) every little scrap! Then, using the hot knife I loosely trim out each image. As you can see below, all the stuff to the right is waiting for a close trim and the stuff on the left has been fully trimmed. Just makes it easier for me to do it in steps.

When I've finally trimmed everything (3 BIG sheets!) I put them all on storage panels and into notebooks. With all my new rubber I've finally hit three notebooks. Holy smokes!
Thanks for checking in!


Karen said...

Hi Mari,

I am so glad I could help you get your siggy to work! It looks great!


Mel M. M. M. said...

WOW great post. I have to unmount mine from old foam and add EZ mount. I love it madly! Thanks for the great pointers, :o)