Monday, August 1, 2011

Inspired by a gorgeous card!

I finally managed to get my hands on some seam binding.  Seems like practically everyone is using it these days - tying bows, double bows, dyeing it, scrunching it....  It was absolutely impossible to find locally so I broke down & ordered a roll of white from EBay figuring that I could dye my own.  Guess what?  It takes color *beautifully*! :D
About a month ago I saw a card done by Jennifer over at Our Change of Art that really stuck with me.  I loved the bright pop of color(s) against the white background and the cut out was inspired!  I went in the opposite direction (inspiration isn't the same as CASE, lol) with black instead of white, thick instead of thin, horizontal instead of vertical, more instead of less... well, let's just say I "made it my own"! :D

There are several things that just don't show up well in the picture.  First, all those ribbon strips *sparkle*!  I used a generous mix of Starburst Stains, Glimmer Mist, Perfect Pearls mist and Color Wash sprays.  I had to get creative with the orange ribbon, but I had at least two values of each of the other colors. (that's why it looks dark and light on each ribbon - it's by design, not poor camera lighting!)  IRL you can see the shimmer from nearly every angle - not so much in the pic.  There was no real technique here, basically I just spritzed and dragged the ribbon through then scrunched and let them dry.  Easy but I had VERY colorful hands for a few days. ;)  To finish them I cut a piece of white cardstock to size, ran it through the Xyron and adhered the ribbon in layers.  I trimmed the ends and taped them down with scotch tape then added some foam tape to the back for height.
The butterfly (Rubber Cottage) is another thing that looks much, much better IRL.  I stamped the image in black then cut it out using a craft knife and a lot of patience.  (A lot of patience, this is my 3rd attempt.)  Once I cut the interior sections I ran it through the Xyron and attached two layers of Sunkissed Fantasy Film to the back.  The film is a yellow/golden color with purple overtones.  And although you can't see it in the pic I spritzed the butterfly with a golden Glimmer Mist as well.  The body was painted with a gray/purple Starburst Spray.  Finally I outlined the black portions with a black Spica pen.  It completely bums me out that you can see the film but *none* of the sparkle! :(
The ribbon panel was popped up on the black card and the butterfly was adhered with Glue Lines (just like glue dots, but and inch long so they're manageable) along the body and part of the wing.  As a final touch I added dots of Stickles to the wings over the film, but it didn't stick well after drying.  I imagine they're falling like rain by now! :)
Thanks for dropping by!  Hope to see you again soon!


E.T. said...

WOW!!!! this is incredible!!! I have seen someone else do the same thing but i dont remember where... these rainbow colours ALWAYS look gorgeous! I can tell it's shimmery and all... looks fantastic!

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Drool. Swoon. Pass out happy! This is so stunning I can't even believe it. If you say it looks better in person, I'll believe you (cause you're you) but I don't see how it could get any better than this. I can see the gorgeous weave of that droolaliciously coloured seam binding. I want to drop everything & try it NOW. :o)

Elizabeth Allan said...

What a show-stopping design Mari! Gorgeous.

lauren bergold said...

♥♥♥WOW♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST when i thought i'd seen everything you could possibly do to impress me you PULL SOMETHIN' ELSE outta your endless talent hat!!! (ok, clunky metaphor there, but ykwim!) :)

this is AM♥AYYYYY♥ZING missus!!!! i am totally dyeing some seambinding right after i type this... and then finding the fantasy film you sent me and makin' butterflies out of it!!! (but i will cheat and use my 2part QK die b/c i totally lack your dedication!) :)

did i say ♥WOW♥ already??!?!?! if not, can i say it now? if so, can i say it AGAIN a few hundred more times?!

SmilynStef said...

Wowza ... absolutely magical ... love those rich rainbow hues. I bought seam binding months ago, but then just put it in drawer ... obviously time to get out those dies and play.