Friday, December 31, 2010


It's been nearly a month since I last posted! While I won't say that I'm sorry (remember that whole Blogging Without Obligation thing?) I do feel like I've been neglecting one of the things that I enjoy.
December was, to say the least, a bit hairy (literally!). We started out with the idea that dh was being laid off, but found out on his *last* day that he was offered another position. It was quite the relief! Then, since the job thing had be secured, we went and adopted a dog. Every boy needs a dog, right? Well, it seems that we may have gotten DH a shadow instead. ;)
This is our new addition, Lila. She came to us from the Humane Society - she was owner surrendered. She is a very good dog (so far, at least) and we haven't had very many problems at all. If I had to list the problems she has, it would be that her previous owners just didn't do well by her. She doesn't really know how to play (ball? what's that?) and she is quite timid (backyard? by myself?? um, no!). I can't really tell yet who is more wary, the boy or the dog! :) At least she isn't wrestling him to the ground!
In other pet news, our kitty is desperately ill. I think it's time to let her go - very, very soon. She's lost so much weight that she weighs less than five pounds. Although we've tried the medication, she is not recovering at all. I'm horribly saddened by it, but trying to remember that it's a part of life - and she's had a good, long life. She has quite the personality (not *exactly* loving, and she bites!) - anyone who says that animals are interchangeable hasn't ever met *my* kitty!
Then, of course, there was the Christmas madness. Let me tell you, the week(s) leading up to Christmas are hell on a 4 year old's attitude! ;) Although we did take time to go see Blue Man Group (thanks to my dad) and everyone had an awesome time - even said 4 year old! If you ever get the chance to see them, do it! Way more of a 'show' than a concert. Highly entertaining!
I think I'll post a second time today - adding cards to this post seems like not a good idea. Look for that one in a few minutes!
Thanks for dropping by!


FLEUR de Lo said...

Hi Mari! Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment. I will definitely come back to yours when I am not quickly cruising, trying to soothe myself back to sleep. :) {do you ever do that?}

I just wanted to say that I'm sorry to hear about your kitty. :( Animals, like people, come here with their own crazy mix of personality. Though they can drive us batty at times we love them. It's never easy to see them go. :(

stampqueen said...

Sorry to hear about your kitty!!! I have a 20 year old who is very frail these days and when it comes time she will be very missed - she has nursed me and both my kiddos through colds and heartbreaks for a long time (DH is not a critter person but she even tries to 'mother' him :). My pooch is a rescue dog too - he had been abused to the point where it made him a bit agressive at times but he soon turned into the sweetest ol muut you could ask for!!!!
I love my critters :)!!

Anonymous said...

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