Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Playing with gesso

Recently I saw something about watering down gesso and putting it in a spray bottle. I really thought that was an awesome idea - completely new to me, but apparently painters have known about this trick for a while!
It certainly wasn't as easy as I thought it would be - plus it was a *lot* more messy - but I did have fun with it.
First I brayered Creole Spice Kaleidacolor pad on a piece of watercolor paper, then sprayed (and dipped) the edges once it was dry. I stamped the tree in Charcoal chalk ink, then went over some of the dots with both a white pen and a silvery glitter pen (which was also used on parts of the trunk).
The sentiment was stamped on a leftover piece of the original watercolor paper in Charcoal ink - then went over with the same silvery pen.
I really like the final product, but it will be a while before I pull out that spray bottle again! (there are *still* gesso spots on all my pens and pencils!)
Now, back to Christmas cards! :)
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stamps&cars said...

really wonderful!

Wanda H said...

Gorgeous card!!! I LOVE spraying gesso!!! And, yes, it can get messy.... putting the piece in a box before spraying is a way to control that mess and still have the fun of spraying.

lauren said...

arrrrgh! i just typed a comment but it didn't POST and now it's gone...

well, anyway, i definitely ♥LOVE♥ this gorgeous piece of art enough to tell you TWICE that it's astonishing and well worth the effort involved!!! (tho i myself will not be assaying gesso-scattering hijinks...at least not until spring!) :)

Etha said...

This is gorgeous!! love the colors!

Jason said...

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