Sunday, May 10, 2009

The muse returns!

I don't know where she went, but she came back with a vengeance! lol
This card has amazing amounts of work put into it - literally days. Oh, not days on end, but a little here and a little there until I had been working on it almost a week! Can I possibly be the only one that works on stuff that long?
The main panel is done with the Joseph's Coat technique. I did add a little twist - some pearl glimmer mist was spritzed and allowed to pool (and dry) before stamping the Tim Holtz image. Even after brayering the black over the image you can still see streaks of shimmer - it's very cool IRL.
Let's see. The background panel was brayered with the same ink (Hydrangea pad from Ranger) then glued to a Hambly screen print sheet. I embossed that with a cuttlebug folder (not that you can see that texture in the pic, sorry!) and added the corner pieces (also CB). The tags were cut from a sheet of that gesso background blitz from a few posts ago, then edged with black and stamped on.
I think the tags were the hardest part of the whole thing. I had an awful time finding words to stamp on them. I wanted something meaningful, but they also had to be the right size. Finally I chose 'Art', 'Soul' and 'Love' - aren't these important to everyone? :) I also stamped some flourishes around the words - I just couldn't do without! Even though the ribbon on the tags looks black and white (which is how it started out) I colored the white portion with a Sky Copic marker. It actually matches the background colors quite well.
I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for coming to visit!


Von said...

Oh thats so worth the wait :) a wonderful peice of crafting

Susan Hackney said...


gotink said...

Is the background designer paper or stamped? And if it's stamped can you tell me who's the company and stamps?

Beverly Ash Gilbert said...


Love your colors and textures on this and so glad you muse returned. Mine took a long trip while I was mired in the busy work of shows, books etc. but actually came back to me in the shower this morning! Luckily I had a pencil and paper at hand that didn't get too wet...

Etha said...

this is very cool! love the matching tags!!

Mari said...

@ Gotink
I hope you'll come back to see this! I can't find a way to email you.
The background is a Hambly screen print (think transparency with a pattern in black on it). I couldn't find the same exact one, but here's the page where Hambly lists them:

I think it was most similar to Grandma's (and grandpa's) Wallpaper.
Hope that answers your question! :)

lauren said...

re working on stuff (off & on) for a week: OMG!!!!!!!! i am SOOOOOOO happy to hear someone else say that!!! b/c sometimes it seems like everyone but me starts & finishes 27 things in one night!!!

i totally do a bit here and a bit there until i feel a little "click" like i've GOT IT...or sometimes i THINK i am done...and the next morning when i "sneak up on" my creation i realize it needs to be matted & inked & cut out again and...well you get the idea! any time i tell ppl this, i either get the online eqivalent of a "blank stare" or a sympathetic & kind response which includes the word "obsessing".

thank you thank you THANK YOU miss mari for--amongst other things-- validating my weird creation process!!!!!!

btw, now that i've written 1,000 words about *ME* perhaps i should also mention how ♥AMAZINGLY FABULOUS♥ this particular card is, and how i can see the layers and layers of technique and inspiration and fresh ideas which made it take longer...and it's SOOOOOOO worth every single second!!!!!!!

(ps: every time i see this TH set in michaels i think of you!) :)