Saturday, April 25, 2009


Has it really been that long?? I guess I got busy and didn't really notice how long it had been! In my defence, we've had all sorts of interesting things going on over here. In the last month my little boy has had pneumonia AND turned 3 (with the gazillion necessary doctor visits). I've been working on stuff - some of which I can't show, some I'm not ready to show and some that I'm not sure if it's done yet. Do you do that? Sit on a card for days, wondering what little 'something' it's missing? lol *I* certainly do! ;)
So, even though I've been MIA, I have been busy. Really, really busy!
Since I'm not quite ready to show you the card on my desk (I really do think it's missing something), I figured I'd share another card that I submitted (and was returned). The sub call was for Shabby Chic, and I, uh, don't really *know* much about that style. I guess it's not the kind of style I'm comfortable with! lol It did make me think outside my cozy little box, but it's not what I'd be doing on a regular basis.
Shabby Chic to me means lots of layers (distressed ones especially), sewing, vintage ephemera, multiple patterns in soft colors and possibly buttons. I tried to incorporate most of these things, but I don't do well mixing patterns or adding tons of layers. I *do* have some awesome fabric ribbon, it's all frayed and cool looking, but it was in the wrong colors - so I bleached it! Or, at least some of it. It came out a nice neutral cream, which was great since I started with blue. You can see that I layered the cream with some light blue scraps on the left - I thought it added a very shabby touch!
I think other than the bleached ribbon, everything else is pretty self explanatory. And yes, I did pierce all those holes before sewing with 2 strands of floss. Meh. Never again! If anyone has any tips on *how* to separate two strands of floss from the regular piece (without major snarls) let me know... pretty please? :)
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Etha said...

super card!! that definitely is shabby chick :)
hey: never feel sorry for not blogging or whatever, its YOUR blog ;) LOL
floss: yes of course easy! here is what you do: cut your length that you want to work with (like 24 inches). Then holding at one end, pick out ONE ply and pull straight out! hold the rest, and pull out that one :) don't pull to the side or something, it would be like picking out one strand of uncooked spaghetti from a handful.

Etha said...

ahh, check this lady, she has a video on how to do the floss thing:
hooked on needles , scroll down a bit, then you can see what I mean :)

Kimm said...

Mari I think it is gorgeous! I wouldnt say it if I didnt mean it. I'm surprised it wasnt selected... and it is shabby chic- a fresh uncluttered version of shabby chic!!