Monday, March 23, 2009

Takin' care of business!

Ok, let's take care of some business! :) I had a great time with the blog-o-log! Even more than that, there were a couple of new subscribers (Welcome!) via Feedblitz (don't those email notifications from FB just make you giddy?) and some lovely comments and emails. I really appreciate all of your comments, I'd like to think that we're having a conversation - I just have to be patient while I wait for your response.... :D
One of the persons that commented here was Iberostar. She has some mighty fancy coloring with Sharpies. Believe me, I've tried coloring with sharpies - I'm *ahem* not all that good at it! She saw fit to grace me with the 4th picture tag. Here are the rules:
Go to my picture files, pick the fourth folder and select the fourth picture and describe it - then tag four other people. No editing is allowed.

Sorry, but I had to cheat a bit. You may (or may not) know that I got a new laptop for Christmas. Sadly, all my pictures are scattered thither and yon (isn't that a great expression?!) so I don't actually *have* a 4th folder right now. Then, when I finally picked a near-fourth folder, I found that the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th picture are of someone that doesn't even know I have his picture! Ok, I'm not as creepy as that sounds, promise! *lol* I'm attempting to learn digiscrapping and have some pix of a family members boyfriend. Ummm, soooo not posting that! So I chose the very next picture (my son, who else??) but then I *had* to add a watermark. Can't be too careful with pix of your little ones. So, basically, I broke practically every rule. Sheesh. Anyway, here he is:

I didn't take this pic, his dad did. I can tell you that he's in his tee pee (a Christmas present that he LOVES) that was up in the living room. Can you beat it? *lol*
Now, quite honestly, I'm not sure that there are four people out there that I can tag for this. And I'm sure that I'll be tagging some people who have already played this game (you can certainly excuse yourself if that's the case!), but there are a couple of people that I really am curious about! So, here's my list:
Zeb - she always make the most outrageously gorgeous stuff, I *really* want to see what she's got up her sleeve!
Annette - another amazing artist, this one from 'down-under'.
Etha - who has some really fun stuff on her blog and always makes my day with her comments!
Mel - who is the most amazing, creative and FUN stampire I know!
The final piece of business that I'd like to share with you is this amazing blog I found over at the B-muse site. If you haven't seen it, the B-muse site has a list of blogs to check out (you can even add yourself!) when you have a moment. I was randomly checking links out and ran across Beverly Gilbert. She beads. And teaches color theory. And has the most inspiring... well, pretty much everything. Go. Look. Drool.
Well, I think that's all the business I have for you.... Stay tuned, I have a card to share next! :)


Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

How fun! Wat a great picture. Love the look of awe on that sweet face. What a blast to have a tent in the living room! I've never played the 4th pic game. Thanks so much for including me Mari. You're an angel!!! Stampire hugs! hehehe :O)

Etha said...

hmmm, thanks so much for hitting meup :)
4th picture eh? On what drive? LOL.... I have 7 drives on my computer (not just C) and my fourth of anything will always be yet another directory etc LOL.. this is complicated!