Monday, November 10, 2008

Inspired by Zeb

Zeb is an uber artistic woman that belongs to several of the groups that I lurk on. :) She is multi talented, always helpful and amazingly kind. Lately she's been on a Fantasy Film kick... and, Oh MY! What lovely things she has created (go visit her blog!) to share lately.

I had some FF that I bought a while ago. I guess it seemed like I always bought the wrong color because I could never get it to look right. That must be why I put it away and rarely even *looked* in that drawer! Well, after Zeb inspired me, I went and bought a bottle of Crackle Accents by Ranger. While it wasn't exactly the colors I was looking for - I'm diggin' the results! lol

Really, the technique was pretty simple. First I stamped in black (on plain white c/s) then used gel medium to stick various colors of FF down to the images. After they were dry, I cut them out and applied Crackle Medium to some, Glossy Accents to others and GA and iridescent confetti to others. You can see the variety of the different petals in this close up shot. The 2nd and 4th petals are both covered with the same yellow FF, isn't the color variation amazing?!

So here's a shot of the completed card. I tried to keep it understated, there's no reason (or way) to compete with that flower! I think I would've preferred the sentiment to say 'fleur' or 'beauty' or something similar. Sadly, I discovered a distinct *lack* of stamps that say that!
Must. Go. Shop.
Cover for me, will ya? :)

As always, thanks for stopping by!
Recipe: flowers from Impression Obsession, Love from Rubber Soul, Glossy Accents, Crackle Accents, Fantasy Film, iridescent confetti, clear rhinestones, black velvet & patterned papers, green metallic base from Paper Cut, black Glaze pen, Scor It board


Cory said...

Very very beautiful...good composition and the colors turned out great.

CindyLous News said...

I'm gonna have to try this myself. This is beautiful! I had to read it three times to see that you really used black ink! Just looking at the petals and trying to figure out the formula appears like gold ink on black paper plus fantasy film.
However you did them, the end result is beautiful!

Zeborah Loray said...

OMG- that is so incredibly gorgeous!!!!!

I wil have to give your technique a try.

Now you know the real reason I try to be helpful. LOL
Whenever I post something I'm working on, I get to see what others come up with as "the next step" in the process.
It is wonderful to have the inspiration from other people who are working with the same or similar materials.

Now I need to play with this using some stamps...

Mylene said...

Love this look.... great job Mari. Need to dig out the FF again and have another play. Thanks for the inspiration! said...

The flower is beautiful. I love it!

Maskrosus said...

Love the colors!

CoyoteDreamer said...

Mija, the flowers, beautiful colors, texture, composition. Thanks for sharing!

Daria said...

Gorgeous! Thank you for explaining what you did. I also have some fantasy film still in its package--somewhere. You make this sound pretty easy. I'll have give it a try.